Customer Service (Call Center) Language enterprise strategic location, first line customer intelligence to grasp. Not only on behalf of businesses and their customers to communicate effectively, resolve doubts, trading revenue, but also served as intelligence officers, maintain and customer emotions, reflecting market views. Complete customer service center building, the development of people, processes and IT systems planning in the company's strategy, are indispensable.

On the IT platform, enterprises need to meet customer habits media to set the service pipe contact center integration in today's IP communications infrastructure, phone, website, email, forums, online chat, social media and other means, the lack of one can not, when you are planning call center, you should consider the technical and service platform.

LANcomGroup service team steeped build 10 years, successfully assisted hundreds of companies of all sizes build customer service center, many years of professional and practical experience, can help your business to easily create intelligent customer service center (Smart Center), including integration, analysis customer information, improve efficiency, establish and improve customer service processes. Products include switch ACD / PBX, CTI, IVR, e-mail management platform, voice systems, audio network control system, intelligent analysis tools, customer service personnel scheduling systems, AP development ... and so on.