Collaborative operation of the service is to ensure that there is no problem between the internal and external communication. The rapid transmission of information is to enhance operational efficiency. The core architecture is the combination of a global network equipment which is the integration of the new-generation IP Unified Communications and AeroScout's RFID made by the leading manufacture, Cisco, together with the process management interface of ConnexALL.

The medical staff's mission is to provide the patients with the best medical treatment and care, but the reality is that they could not meet the massive needs of all the patients. In order to make the medical management of the entire health care system more simple and efficient, LANcom Group provides you with a “collaboration service” solution which is to alleviate the burden and pressure of the medical staff. The main features include: receiving patient information anytime, anywhere, in collaborative with the medical platforms, optimizing the workflow of the medical staff. The portable medical platform: to improve the workflow of nurses, to manage the valuable equipment, and the by-bed service management system, real-time communication, to reach the satisfaction of the patients and secure the support network, the network intergrading the data center to reduce the workload of the IT staff.