There is a large number of educational and administrative staff in most of the universities/colleagues. Even some many universities have been set up for many years and having a number of different locations of the campus. And its quantity of calls is almost the same as the other enterprises. Therefore, the cost for communication becomes a big burden. The old switch devices, independent separate switches, and the old switchboard systems have made it difficult to reduce the communication costs and increase the difficulty to manage the dialing system. Therefore, VoIP and communications equipment integration solutions has become the focus of tertiary institutions. Integrated communications solutions, not only can effectively enhance the efficiency of the operations of schools, save the huge costs of calls, increase the internal and external communication efficiency, but also provide better communication platform for the development of the academic research.

The advantages of using VoIP equipment is not only to save the communication costs but also to bring more value to the research or internal operations. At any critical moment, anyone may contact with each others quickly. The learning and working becomes more efficiency and also the order of the campus system is strengthen.