How to Apply
  1. Our latest vacancies is updated on, you may login and search the vacancies by the keywords:"LANcom". You may apply by 104 which will be the first priority to process.
  2. And you may apply by email. Please mark and note the job detail on it, attache both your Chinese and English resume, bisography. Please Email to: We may not reply and process your application if the requirement doesnot match.
  3. We'll arrange the interview with you once your resume is match our requirement, for the not matches, we will not reply.
Employee Benefits
  1. Labor and group health insurance entitlements
  2. Generous annual leave intact leave system
  3. Bonus, three bonuses and year-end bonuses
  4. Staff dinners and travel grants
  5. Improve job training
  6. Employees long-term career planning
  7. Good working environment
  8. Convenient transportation, close to MRT