In 4G IP communications age, the network has been made over the last voice / data points, merged into a single platform ONE Network. All services are in a ring under the IP network, the core of the application and integration of communication include: Call, e-mail, video conferencing, Web Chat (Online Instant Messenger), ERP / CRM and other services like; in terms of Internet Control Manager , business owners concerned about information security, data backup, communications and cost control. In recent years, enterprise focus is turning virtual infrastructure / platform / Desktop, a new mode of cloud services (private cloud / hybrid could) and support operations workers.

LANcomGroup Team in the enterprise network planning with the times, to provide a complete end-to-end solutions and services, from basic Internet service platform, terminal equipment to all sectors of the industry do not apply the required services, while also providing close network management tools. Allow businesses to streamline the MIS staffing, strategizing, easy to manage IT network.